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Ghost Boner 3-inch Vinyl Figure by Brian Ewing & UVD Toys

Ships the week of July 15th!

UVD Toys and Brian Ewing are excited to announce the release of the long-awaited Vinyl Ghost Boner!

This 3” soft vinyl figure is set to make its debut in the classic white colorway and of course features two arms and ... umm.
Make sure to grab one of these guys before they are gone!

Ghost Boner’s Back Story!
Some say it was with a hammer while others say the grisly act was committed with a questionable sex toy. Either way, when cartoonist Frank Parsons murdered his prankster-roommate, Bryce, and pounded his remains into ink and paper to hide his crimes unleashing "GHOST BONER"

Just as Cain who slew Abel, Frank is forever doomed to draw his victim and former friend, as the lovable and naughty ghost with a boner!

"I just hope it doesn't arrive damaged!"
We know the feeling! All of our orders are meticulously packed by collectors with our fellow collectors in mind. Our goal is for your purchase to arrive to you in the same condition it arrives to us!

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