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Who Goes There Wave 4 Blind Box Series by Unbox Industries

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Who Goes There Wave 4
by Unbox Industries

Each series of WGT? is an ensemble project featuring artists that specialize in grotesque and surreal concepts that have become synonymous with Unbox. Comprising of ten original sculpts that are all produced using a ‘vinyl marbling’ production process & two ‘chase’ variants, each carton yields a truly unique assortment of interesting figures. 

  • Size: Approx 2.5 Inches
  • Material: Soft Vinyl
  • Color: Marble / GID / Glitter / Unpainted
  • Packaging: Printed Box
  • Featuring Designs from:
    • Bwana Spoons
    • Codec Zombie
    • Joe Whiteford
    • Testsunori Tawaraya
    • Retroband
    • Vilesore

Each Carton contains one set of 10 basic figures and 2 chase variants.

Please note: We cannot accept requests for specific items. Item selection is random; this includes the rare and chase variants. You may receive duplicate figures. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed!

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