SUPERPLASTIC OCTOBER MYSTERY BOX - Prizes Include 1:1 Julie West 3" Janky Series 2, Guggimon High Voltage, Work & Play, Fashion Horror, Fashion Sewer, Gloomy in White and more! [SHIPS 11/02]

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Superplastic Mystery Boxes for the month of October from VLTD (Formerly The Vault Queen) are available now! 

Each mystery box will contain a single random 8" SuperJanky, SuperKranky, or Guggimon ... or a 12" Guggimon or Gorillaz with the chance at receiving a super rare and highly coveted Superplastic grail! In addition to the "full size" figure, each box will contain one (1) unopened Series 2 Blind Box Mini that could include rare and super rare figures and one (1) King Janky (either King Janky the Fourth, 4.5, Fifth, 5.5, Sixth, 6.5, or Seventh).

Perhaps most importantly, one incredibly lucky shit will receive a 1:1 hand painted Julie West Janky and commemorative gold card in place of their Janky Series 2 Mystery Box!

Prizes include:
Guggimon "Work & Play" - Kickstarter Exclusive - 1 Available!
Guggimon "High Voltage" - LE666 - 2 Available!
Guggimon "Fashion Sewer" -LE444 - 2 Available!
Guggimon "Fashion Horror"
LE444 - 2 Available!

... and some other surprise goodies! 

Multiple chances to score big!

VLTD Gift Cards valued between USD $5 and $50 as well as vouchers with assorted prizes ranging from free shipping to discounts that can be applied orders placed on our site have also been randomly inserted in select boxes. 

The not so fine print:
We can only guarantee that you will receive a single (1) random "full-sized" (8" or 12" SuperJanky, Guggimon, or Gorillaz) Superplastic Vinyl Figure, one (1) sealed Janky Series 2 Blind Box containing a random 3.5" vinyl figure or the Julie West 1:1, and one (1) sealed King Janky 3.5" vinyl figure. The "hits" in this mystery box (ie. Guggimon) are an assortment of sealed and opened boxes. Any open box figure has been inspected and determined to be "like new." While there is no guaranteed value on these boxes, we can guarantee that the figures contained will total an MSRP of at least USD $109. Considering these are priced at $130 inclusive of shipping, these mystery boxes are still a great deal! There is of course, there is no guarantee (though your odds do increase!) that you will receive a specific item regardless of how many mystery boxes are purchased. Boxes that do not include a grand prize will include one figure from an assortment of Superplastic pieces - some of which are still available from VLTD and/or Superplastic (ie. Nopalito, Crocodilius, Treeson) but also include some pieces that are no longer available through Superplastic and most other retailers (ie. Gloomy in White by Mori Chack, "Prickle Me Pink" Nopalito, Flat Black SuperKranky and Chromoly SuperKranky). We try our best to include a diverse offering in our mystery boxes, but in ordering multiple mystery boxes please know that there is a possibility that you will receive a duplicate.

This item is eligible for free shipping, however, as tempting as it may be, please do not mix pre-order items with your purchase of the mystery box as it will delay the shipment of your mystery box.

Mystery boxes will begin shipping on Monday, 11/02/20 (November 2nd, 2020) and will ship in weekly waves every Monday thereafter until all boxes have been sold! The weekly cutoff date for the next wave of shipments is 2 business days before at approximately 5PM EST. We want to keep this fun and exciting, so we always plan our mystery boxes in this manner to avoid any potential spoilers before the run of mystery boxes have been completely sold through.

Due to the nature of this item, all sales are final and absolutely no exchanges or returns will be accepted.

This item is currently out of stock. Please continue to check back as this item may be restocked in the future. If you could like us to find this item for you, please contact us and we will try to locate the item for you. IMPORTANT PRE-ORDER INFO!
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