Shroomie Second Dose Superjanky by Thomas Han & SuperPlastic

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THIS MIRAGE IS REAL AF. Thomas Han’s second n FINAL “Second Dose” SuperJanky is here to gaze into ur soul n eat whatever she likes 😛  8” of the trippiest pink vinyl w/more twists n turns than any murder doc on Netflix (but just as deadly 💀 ). Don’t look into her eyez if ur not prepared to meet ur maker.

ONLY 999 MADE cuz the trip is too real for most to handle.

Superplastic is a character-based product and animated entertainment company founded in 2018 by well-known artist & entrepreneur Paul Budnitz (Kidrobot, Ello). Legendary toy artist Huck Gee is art director. Famed for its always-sold-out designer toy line, the company unleashed synthetic celebrities Janky and Guggimon on social media in 2019.

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