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Classic of Mountain and Seas Blind Box Series by Yichan x Pop Mart

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Classic of Mountain and Seas Blind Box Series
by Yichan x Pop Mart

There is good in everything. Our “Classics of Mountains and Seas” Series wants you to see the positive side in everyone and everything in the world
The Book of Mountains and Seas is an important ancient book of Chinese Mythology, which records more than 400 magical, mythical creatures, both good and bad! But in the childlike eyes of our Little Zen monk, everyone in the world has a kind heart. Little Zen Monk makes friends with all the creatures, showing that even mythical creatures need a friend.

The Classic of Mountain and Seas Series Blind Box Vinyl Figures Case includes 12 individually blind packaged figures. Order a case to get 12 different regular designs or 11 and 1 secret design!

Please note: We cannot accept requests for specific items. Item selection is random; this includes the rare and chase variants. When ordering multiple single blind boxes, you may receive duplicate figures. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed!

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