King Janky the Sixth by Superplastic

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King Janky The Sixth “Capo dei Capi” is O.G.

Half-buried in an immaculate pair of cement Nikes twenty feet below the surface of the East River, cataclysmic secrets and blood money were once entombed with King Janky The Sixth. On a visit to exhume the remains we discovered that all evidence of the infamous King & his many transgressions had vanished. This controversial memorialization includes Tommy gun, fedora, and blood-soaked newspaper.

3.5-inches tall, soft vinyl, and drenched in family disgrace.

Limited to just 999 pieces!

Superplastic is a character-based product and animated entertainment company founded in 2018 by well-known artist & entrepreneur Paul Budnitz (Kidrobot, Ello). Legendary toy artist Huck Gee is art director. Famed for its always-sold-out designer toy line, the company unleashed synthetic celebrities Janky and Guggimon on social media in 2019.

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