Exquisite Corpse Dunny Mini-Figure Blind Mystery Box by kidrobot

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Kidrobot is excited to introduce the new Exquisite Corpse Dunny Series.  The artists of Red Mutuca Studios have breathed new life into the Dunny platform, creating an otherworldly rendition that can split apart and be interchanged.

Have you ever dreamed of being Dr. Frankenstein, piecing together your own mad creation from various parts? Regardless of if you answered "yes" or "no", we're fairly certain that you'll love the Exquisite Corpse Dunny Series. Reimagining what the Dunny can be, this collection features a brand new version of the Dunny, one that is magnetically held together at the neck and waist, allowing you to easily interchange sections from the various designs!

Assembling the twelve talented artists of Red Mutuca Studios, the Exquisite Corpse Dunny Series features designs by Chauskoskis, Gorgocho, Grimsheep, Igor Ventura, Luiz Unreal, MAp-MAp, Matucha, Mr. Mitote, Quiccs, RunDMB, Sergio Mancini, and Tim Munz. And while their designs look stellar straight out of the box, we're inviting you to mix and match the parts between these pieces to your heart's content.  Each Dunny comes in a foil bag and then blind boxed to add surprise and delight to each open while preserving the collectibility of the series.  Even we don't know what is in each blind box.

Collect all 15 Exquisite Corpse Dunnys:

  • MR. HUBERT by Luiz Unreal x Tim Munz (3/48 Odds)
  • SEPPUKU by Chauskoskis (2/24 Odds)
  • NOSUNSFERATU by Luiz Unreal  (2/24 Odds)
  • ANUBIS by Grimsheep (2/24 Odds)
  • MEXICANDEMON by Mr. Mitote  (2/24 Odds)
  • JUNIOR G.O.K. by Quiccs  (2/24 Odds)
  • TIMBERRR! by Gorgocho  (2/24 Odds)
  • DUNN by MAp-MAp  (2/24 Odds)
  • NO FEAR by RunDMB  (2/24 Odds)
  • ÁNIMA by Matucha (2/24 Odds)
  • THE GAMER by Igor Ventura (3/48 Odds)
  • LOUIS CYPHER by Sergio Mancini (3/48 Odds)
  • HUBERT 35MM by Luiz Unreal x Tim Munz (3/48 Odds)
  • CARD. BEN Z. BULL by Sergio Mancini (Super Chase 1/96 Odds)
  • Mystery Blacked out Super Chase (??/??)

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