Funko POP! Rides: Masters of the Universe - He-Man on Battle-Cat

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Funko POP! Rides
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
He-Man on Battle Cat Funko Pop! Ride

By the power of grayskull!

There was a pretty alarming rumor going around last year that Funko would no longer be producing any MOTU themed Funko Pops. It caught a lot of folks off guard and cause the prices to skyrocket on any existing pieces. Fortunately, that was just a rumor and in 2020, Funko will be releasing a number of your favorite characters from the beloved 80's cartoon. So fill up a bowl of cereal, put on your PJ's and take a trip down memory lane with the latest MOTU Pops.

Complete the set with:
Tung Lasher
Prince Adam
Sy Klone

As well as Pop! Ride He-Man on Battle-Catand a very special 10" Super-Sized Skeletor!

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