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Secured the bag!

Thank you, VLTD you guys never dissapoint fast and secure packaging, some of the most fire collectors toys and figures on the market (money is calling) ,and the staff is unbeilveably great. Thank you guys for all the great entertainment . Customer for life .

Cough syrup dumpster fire

Excellent trash can from truck. Fast shipping. Added it to my trash collection, cause I’m 100% trash

"Cough Syrup Purple" Special Edition Dumpster Fire Vinyl Figure by 100% Soft

OG Green holds up to UVD Mad Toys reputation

The package came in a proper box with no damages. The vynl figure is great quality and will last forever. Love MAD*L Citizens and I'm at 5 now.

This is more than fine

This pin is perfect. Great quality and arrived quickly.


The night light is entirely too cute and I love it.

Dumpster Fire Plushie by 100% Soft

Skeptical at first

I'll admit, when I first placed the order and received the confirmation email explaining in great detail that VLTD has a huge prices for missing packages, I thought for sure I had been scammed.
The package bounced in and out of the Seattle post office for 3 days before making it to the east coast.
Overall I'm happy with the product and glad it arrived.

Very cool!

These Blind Boxes are really neat and very well made!

It's fine.

Really, everything is fine. Shipped fast, looks great.

This is Fine Dumpster Fire Vinyl Figure by KC Green & 100% Soft

TEQ Nutbuster

All is good! Satisfied with the transaction. Thanks again :)

Nice quality toy

Years ago when I started seeing a therapist, she asked me what I’d like the outcome of our work together to be; I showed her a photo I had saved on my phone: the last panel of the famously memed “this is fine” dog comic. That’s what I wanted, to no longer overly self-identify with external occurrences and to develop and healthy detachment from things that are outside of my control and that’s what that little dog has always meant to me.

I bought myself this toy to put on my desk and remind me that it is always in my control to respond to what is going on around me with a positive regard (“this is fine”) which puts me in a better place to take well-reasoned action, as opposed to running around screaming or feeling defeated.

The toy is well-made, it’s cute, it’s just what I wanted.

Great mystery box

Ordered 10 pops and got a chase, a few exclusives and most were commons but that’s how a mystery box should be. Each pop was in individual cardboard sorters, this place knows how to do it right. PS don’t order from Nerdysteez they are a scam on mystery boxes.


Best vinyl ever!!!

Route Package Protection
Hussein El Ebiary
Just wow!

Great communication.

They Live Funkos

You can't have a "They Live" collection without John Nada. The clothes are perfect and the sunglasses really makes it special.
VLTD packages very well and puts the Funko in a plastic protector case before shipping.

Route Package Protection
Garret Petersen

Everything with my order was great, packaging was highly considerable, no damage at all! Thanks VLTD!

Love them

I was so surprised just how really cute they are and I love the little accessories that each one had super cute thanks

Awesome color

The bright colors on the chase was amazing, the regular was cool to. Keep up the great products!

Good shizznit

Good prices!!

They Live Funkos

I just received the Funko They Live Chase Bundle from VLTD. It was well worth the wait. The Aliens Funkos have great detail and are superb. Also, VLTD took pride in the individual Funkos. There are no nicks or scratches on the Funko boxes and they have used plastic protectors on each one. Furthermore, they wrapped the items in Bubble wrap and added paper to the cardboard shipping box. And even though the carrier had smashed the box somewhat, each Funko arrived pristine. I will definitely do business with VLTD again because they care about Collectibles.